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We acknowledge the following excellent sources without which researching the details of many of our images would have been very difficult.
Six Bells Junction
BR Database
Southern Locomotives
We are also very grateful to many experts who have contributed to identifying 'mystery' images, including Bill Jamieson, Nigel Whitwell, John Lewis, Mike Morant, Peter Jordan, Tom Burnham, Chris Long, Brian Bailey, Terry Waldron, Jim Champ, Mike Musson, David Vidler, Alan Cobden, Clive Standen, George Ray, Paul Rowntree, Mike Wilks, Peter Smart, Chaz Dawkins and many others.
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(Schools) 916 Bricklayers Arms

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Photos of BRITAIN'S RAILWAYS  before 1948 Photos of BRITAIN'S RAILWAYS before 1948
Images of trains and railways from the era of private companies in the first half of the 20th century until Nationalisation
Photos of BRITISH RAILWAYS 1948-1968 Photos of BRITISH RAILWAYS 1948-1968
Images of steam, diesel and electric trains and Britain's railway system from Nationalisation (1948) until the end of steam traction on British Railways (1968).
Photos of BRITISH RAIL 1968 - 1993 Photos of BRITISH RAIL 1968 - 1993
Images of diesel and electric trains and Britain's railway system from the end of steam on Britain's railways (1968) until the Privatisation of British Rail (1993)
Images of diesel and electric trains and Britain's railway system since the Privatisation of British Rail (1993)
56 Belfast York Road mpd Photos of IRISH RAILWAYS
Images of trains and railways in Ireland
Images of steam trains and other preserved railway traction in Britain
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